Tips for Shooting Video in the Springtime

Tips for Shooting Video in the Springtime

As the chill of winter dissipates and the warmth of spring surrounds us, it’s the perfect time to capture the essence of your school’s campus. With nature coming back to life and longer, brighter days ahead, spring offers unique opportunities for filming vibrant and engaging content. Here are some tips for making the most out of shooting video during this season.

Capture Campus Blooming

Springtime transforms school campuses into picturesque scenes with blooming flowers, budding trees, and lush greenery. To fully take advantage of this natural beauty, incorporate more outdoor shots into your school’s videos—especially in B-Roll

At the peak of the blooming season, consider using drones to capture aerial footage of the campus from unique perspectives. Drones allow you to present the entire school grounds in a way that traditional cameras cannot capture, giving viewers a comprehensive view of the campus and its surroundings.

If you have the proper equipment, you can take your video to the next level with time lapses. Time lapses are a visually captivating way to show the transformation of plants as they burst into bloom, truly capturing the essence of spring. Set up your camera in a strategic location where it can capture the unfolding of nature’s beauty over time. These time-lapse shots add depth and interest to your videos, allowing viewers to witness the subtle changes that occur during the spring season—within a matter of seconds.

Leverage Longer Days to Film

Running out of daylight can be a videographer’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, the spring equinox brings longer, brighter days, which allows for flexibility in shooting schedules—especially if you’re shooting on campus in the evenings. This allows you more time to set up, take test shots, and experiment with shooting different types of footage. 

When filming outdoors, it’s important to pay attention to lighting conditions and how they affect the appearance of your shots. If you’re going for a more vibrant, brighter feel, shoot during the golden hours—early in the morning or late in the afternoon—when the sunlight is softer and casts a warm glow. This can enhance the visual appeal of your footage and create a more inviting atmosphere.

However, when filming, faculty, staff, and students choose a cloudy, overcast day. This softer light will minimize any squinting or unnatural expressions from bright, direct light. Anytime you’re filming individuals, you want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible because it will affect their performance in the video. 

Mild Temperatures Are Easy to Navigate

Unlike the extreme temperatures of winter or the muggy heat of summer, spring offers mild and comfortable weather conditions ideal for outdoor filming. The pleasant temperatures make it easier for both the production team and the subjects being filmed to work comfortably without the distractions of extreme weather.

Take advantage of the mild weather to shoot outdoor interviews, group activities, sports, and classroom scenes with ease. The comfortable temperatures will help create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing for more natural interactions and genuine expressions from the participants.

However, be prepared for unexpected changes in weather, such as rain showers or gusty winds, which are common during the spring season. You should always have a backup plan in place in preparation for challenging weather. In short, be ready to adjust your filming schedule accordingly to ensure that you can capture the footage you need while keeping everyone safe and comfortable.

Media Services is Here To Help You

The natural beauty of spring can help create compelling videos that showcase your school’s best features.

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