Boost Engagement in Your School’s Extracurriculars with Video Promotion

Kids Playing Soccer

Every school has its own culture unique to its student body, teachers, staff, and administration. What typically sets the foundation for your school’s culture is a combination of academics and the various extracurricular activities offered to students. Whether your school thrives in the arts, humanities, sports, academic clubs, or school events, promoting these extracurriculars through video is the best way to capture morale and boost engagement each school year. 

Videos are a highly effective form of marketing in today’s market, given its rise in popularity online. The beauty of video is that it allows you to visually capture the candid moments of each extracurricular offered at your school—especially the indescribable moments that need to be seen rather than talked about (like the final bow at a school play or the winning goal at your team’s championship). With video promotion, seeing is believing, and providing visual aids (like B-Roll) or animated elements helps you get your point across in a bolder, more straightforward way. 

Piecing together a video from the perspective of the student is a great way to help other students picture themselves in that activity, which is great for recruitment. These videos can include student and teacher testimonials where they share how their team/club has elevated their school experience or built up certain skills they didn’t know they needed. More importantly, students are able to share how this activity has helped them gain a sense of community and become a better version of themselves. The ethos portrayed in a video is something that regular old text just can’t compare to.

Overall, the attention-grabbing aspect of video is where pamphlets and webpages fall short. Just think about how much information you can pile into a one-minute trailer versus a series of scroll-worthy web pages. Video is a great way to pique the interest of students without overwhelming them with decision fatigue. For instance, Greenfield-Central High School is known for its abundance of extracurricular activities—we’re talking over 40 activities to join. 

With the help of Media Services, Greenfield-Central created a promotional video featuring bite-sized clips of all the different extracurricular groups in action. Showcasing the broad spectrum of what activities they offer not only increased their participation but helped with student retention too. Video is a highly effective tool that you can leverage to increase awareness and participation in all the activities your school has to offer. 

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