Recording A Graduation Ceremony


Why Record A Graduation Ceremony?

High school graduation is a milestone in a person’s life. Such a big accomplishment merits celebration and recognition. A great way to recognize graduation is by providing video of the event for the families, friends, and the community. It is a memory worthy of documenting and archiving. A video can serve not only as a way to capture a memory but also to share with loved ones that could not be in attendance.

How To Get Started

First, decide how you want to share the video. Is this something you want to provide after the event on a DVD? Or would you share it on YouTube? Or maybe you want to have a live stream of the event. These options are important to consider in the planning stages as they will affect cost and logistics of the project. You can choose to keep it simple with one camera on the podium, or you can have a multi-camera production to show several different angles of what is happening, such as crowd shots, student reactions, graduates walking down aisles, etc. Contact CIESC Media Services if you have questions about how this might work for your school.

Here are a couple of examples…

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