Four Benefits to Filming in a Studio


When you’re setting out to produce a polished and professional-looking video, you don’t always need a videography education or the latest and greatest equipment for successful footage. Whether you’re filming on a professional camera or a smartphone, all you really need is a controlled space to create! While we’re all about filming on-location when the circumstances are right, there are some major benefits to choosing a studio environment. 

Find out the many different benefits of filming your videos in a studio below! 

Control Your Environment 

One of the biggest advantages of shooting video inside a studio is that you have complete control over the production environment. In a studio, you won’t have to worry about things like weather, traffic noises, or onlookers interfering with your video and audio. A studio is the perfect place to zone in and focus on what needs to get done that day!

When it comes to filming, lighting is everything! When you’re working in a studio, your production crew has the ability to regulate all of the lighting conditions easily. This means that every aspect of the scene is perfectly illuminated—and you don’t even have to think about the sun’s positioning or the weather. Indoor studio filming also ensures your videos’ audio is clear, crisp, and free of outside distractions.

Ability To Stage the Scene 

One unique thing about most production studios is that they are usually equipped with a “green screen” that facilitates the display of video footage from another source. This technology allows you to seamlessly insert any backdrop you want for your production.

With a green screen, you can stage a shot where it looks like you’re speaking from a football field, the beach, or even outer space when in reality, you’re standing in a studio. With the ability to stage the scene—no matter if it’s special effects or simply displaying a website behind you—a studio will often give you the upper hand when it comes to visuals. 

Keep All Your Tools in One Place

Another great thing about filming in a studio? Everything you need is in one convenient spot. You don’t have to worry about relocating your crew or equipment when you have a designated studio to work with. Everything will be set up and ready to go when it’s time for shoot day without having to think about weather conditions or commuting.

Additionally, studios make it a lot easier to bring in large equipment like cranes or dollies that can be set up and left unsupervised. You don’t have this luxury when filming out at a location, as equipment will need to be moved back and forth with each day of production. When you film at a studio, you can lock up at the end of the day and know that everything inside is safe and ready for the next day of shooting. Keeping your equipment set up can be especially helpful if you’re working under tight deadlines, you’ll save time on set-up and tear-down!  Locking up your equipment also keeps those around you safe—after all, you don’t want someone tripping over a cord or bumping into a spotlight. 

This video was recorded in studio and around CIESC.

Easy Access to Technology

There’s no doubt that a studio is more technologically efficient than filming out on location. While it may not be something people immediately factor in when considering filming a professional video, there are all types of technological benefits available in a studio that can be difficult to find in a location.

A studio provides better access to necessary filming equipment, not to mention an adequate amount of electrical power and outlets are available—something every film crew needs to be successful! Most studios will also offer wifi, so you can easily hop online to upload your content—without needing a mobile hotspot!

Media Services is Here To Help You!

Filming in a studio gives you the boundless ability to create the exact effects you need to make the best video possible. No matter your video goals, we have the tools and resources you need to bring your vision to life! To learn more about our services and studio, contact us for more information at (317) 759-5555.

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