Showcasing Your Facilities with Virtual Tours


So the big day has finally arrived!  The construction crews are finished, the noise is gone, and you find yourself standing in your brand new building. Everything looks perfect, from the brand new furniture and signage to the spotless floors and glistening lights. Now you face the difficult prospect of letting the world know… but how? What can you do to showcase everything before you?

This is where video can serve you in a very crucial way. While pictures can indeed give someone an “at a glance” understanding of any space, video can go beyond a glance and present the viewer with a real-time experience of walking through the space you want to show.  Perhaps you want to impart the scale of a newly built arena, showroom, or conference space.  Maybe you want to draw attention to technology which has been seamlessly incorporated into a classroom, office, or social area. Rather than a single still photo taken from one spot, allow your audience to move as they would as if they were there in person, and direct their attention to the details you want them to see.

Virtual tours have become the new standard in showing any new space. Not only do they provide a far more immersive experience, they allow for so much more outreach than a single image or text ever could. This is in no small part due to the fact that they provide their own context. An image requires explanation to know what you’re looking at, be that by way of a title, verbal description, or as a physical asset to support written word.  Yet a video can house what the space is, where it is, and why you’re showing it to them in the first place.

Additionally, these tours can be taken by the viewer anytime that fits their schedule, and never requires an employee to guide them. This saves your staff valuable time while respecting the schedule of the viewer. They can also cover a variety of topics. Consider a virtual tour for any of the following projects:

  • Opening a Brand New Facility
  • Showing a Completed Renovation
  • Detailing Specific Assets or Features of Your Space
  • Revealing a Company Rebrand

So you might be thinking “This is great… But, where do I start?” Well, have no fear, as we’re here to help. We have a shortlist of steps which will help you distill possibilities down to build the best possible experience. If you think a virtual tour is right for you, consider the following:

1. Who is this for?

Always remember your audience when you decide what to show. A student or parent may want to see different parts of your facilities than the Fire Safety Board for example.

2. Location. Location. Location.

When it comes time to show the areas you want, try not to overwhelm your viewers with too many spaces.  We suggest picking somewhere between seven to ten places. This allows you to entice the audience with highlights, without showing every nook and cranny. It also helps keep the video to a manageable length.

3. To Speak or Not to Speak?

Some virtual tours utilize a narrator to provide information about the facility. Others utilize graphics on screen to call out specific details. Some keep things fast and simply allow the music and visuals to speak for themselves. Ask yourself which feeling is right for your project, or ask us!

4. ‘Tis the Season.

Remember that when you schedule your virtual tour, the season will play a huge role. It may be convenient to film during the winter for example, but any shots outside will look cold, with brown-leafless trees potentially making the visuals less appealing. For this reason we find Summer and Spring to be our busiest time for virtual tours. That said, projects which are 100% interior shoots need not worry about the weather outside.

If you’re interested in utilizing the power of a virtual tour, but are still unsure of how to bring it all together, the team at CIESC’s Media Service department will always be here to lend a helping hand. With years of production experience and a passion for the field, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your video is done right! To learn more about how we can help you with your next production, check out our FAQ series for more information. When you’re ready to get started, email us at, or call 317-550-2228.

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