The Top Media Services Video Concepts of 2021


With the 2021-2022 school year, it’s a good time to look back and review the videos we produced last year. Although much of 2020 might seem akin to something out of John Carpenter’s nightmares, schools and businesses alike still managed to see value in the services we offer. Looking back on the finished videos we released over the last year, we thought it would be interesting to share what sort of videos they were, and how they served to add value for our clients, even during something as unprecedented as a global pandemic.

Hiring Series

By far the most popular category, a great many of our clients wanted to expand their hiring outreach. Given the difficulties presented by the need for social distancing, coupled with the increased need to fill staffing positions, the utilization of video was a strong tool in the arsenal of our schools. Reaching a much broader audience to provide an emotional and engaging experience was crucial when people felt so disconnected from their peers. We’re happy to report that, of the many hiring videos we produced, each one played a role in the fulfillment of hiring new staff members to each school. Because of this success, we feel confident it will become an ever-increasing portion of our work moving forward.

Topic Video

These videos are always popular for us, regardless of the year or global situation. To us, the reason is simple—if someone has something they want to share, there are few ways to do it better in this day and age than through video. Topic videos are great at covering something specific. Whether that is the opening of a new school, recognizing a staff member, offering training courses, or simply welcoming incoming students, you’ll find that a well-made video can work for anything. These take a variety of forms, from animations to interviews; each one adds to the message for our clients and can help build upon their brand or message.


Sometimes you have a lot of good information you want to share with the world, but you just can’t get yourself in front of an audience. Whether that is due to scheduling conflicts or a pandemic preventing you from seeing people face-to-face doesn’t matter. What does matter is getting yourself out there. This is where we saw people really taking advantage of our personalized presentation-style videos. These types of videos allowed them to speak to their audience and expand it.  

It is important to remember that video plays a very strong role for the presenter. It allows people to see what you have to say and is a lasting asset you can continue to point to.  This means that anyone can see your work, regardless of potential schedule conflicts, thereby giving you more chances to reach people.

Virtual Tours

With more and more schools updating their facilities, the need to show these changes grows with each passing year. Virtual tours offer the district residents a look inside their schools, showcasing any changes, updates, alterations, or renovations to those spaces. Often, these tours can be paired with powerful and informative voiceovers that give more details or enhance these changes’ emotional effects. We respect the need for security in schools, which is why our tours are less walk-through-oriented and more about highlighting key spaces within a building.  Like presentation videos, these become a lasting asset the school can use to promote their facilities for years to come.

While this is not a comprehensive list of the work we completed over the past year, it does offer some insight into the types of content we’ve produced.  Some are used for marketing and others for informational purposes but each becomes a useful asset. 

Now you may be wondering to yourself, “What sort of video could my school use?”  While that question may have many answers that could all be correct, you might need help narrowing them down. That’s why you can always reach out to the friendly members of the Media Services team.  We’re here to offer our clients the knowledge and skills we’ve acquired to ensure you get the right video for your needs.  

If you’re interested in learning more or want to get started on your next project, you can email us at, or call 317-550-2228.

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