Case Study: Speedway Schools

Since 2015 we have created 20 alumni profiles for the School Town of Speedway, located on the west side of Indianapolis. Prominent alumni videos include a successful college football coach, award winning professor, software engineer, top lawyer, local weather reporter, and several executives. We also produced profiles on several groups of graduates including police and firefighters in a Hometown Heros video. These profiles help make connections with other graduates, local businesses, and current students. 

How we helped

Media Services produced nearly two dozen videos covering individuals, groups, and even past Superintendents. Administrators identified unique graduates who were active with the alumni association and invested money into producing several videos each year. Students benefit by seeing what opportunities are available from a small school in Speedway, Indiana. Partnerships with local businesses including Allison Transmissions and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway were strengthened by creating these profiles. 

Let Us Help Showcase Your Alumni

Similar to Student Stories, (link) Alumni Profiles provide insight into someone’s direct connection with your school or organization. Honest conversations can bring out truly heartwarming stories bringing your story to life. Building a library of alumni profiles shows students several perspectives and expands connections to other graduates.

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