Does Your School Know the Power of a 30-Second Commercial?

Power of a 30-Second Commercial

Did you know that it only takes around seven seconds to make a first impression? Just think about the power of a 30-second commercial—it’s your chance to make an impression on incoming parents, students, and teachers! Nowadays, video is just about everywhere, and for good reason. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then assume that a video is worth a million. Don’t sleep on video marketing at your school. Adding it to your marketing plan will give you far more opportunities to boost engagement, enrollment, and recruitment. Let’s review some of the bigger benefits of creating a 30-second commercial for your school district.

Shine a Light on Your School’s Strengths

Each school district (and school) has its own unique quirks to offer the community. Since video is so versatile, you can highlight a wide variety of areas—sports programs, STEM initiatives, the arts, academic events, facilities, after-school programs, and more. You can get creative and record voiceovers and testimonials, or shoot live-action shots of participants. This will bring life into your video, allowing the viewers to visualize the community you have established.

Check out this commercial for Mooresville Schools led by Superintendent Dr. Jake Allen.

Engage in the School Culture & Boost Initiatives

When it comes to video, seeing is believing. You can talk all you want about the community within your school district, but you need to actually put a feeler in front of people to drive your message home. 

Whether it’s promoting a new curriculum, showcasing student accomplishments, or rallying support for important initiatives, a well-crafted commercial can spark interest and engagement among parents, students, and stakeholders alike. By harnessing the potential of a short but impactful advertisement, you can amplify your school district’s message and drive positive change for the benefit of everyone involved.

To keep your target audience engaged, we suggest including lots of b-rolls of students, teachers, and parents at campus events, field trips, and sporting events. The money shots are all about capturing a connection between members of the community.

Watch Rensselaer Schools’ 30-second commercial.

Media Services is Here To Help You

Need a high-quality video production team? Leave it to the experts at CIESC Media Services. We work with our clients to ensure they have the highest-quality videos to entice their audiences. No matter your video goals, we have the tools and resources you need to bring your vision to life! 

Check out our FAQ series to learn more about how we can help you with your next production. To learn more about our services and studio, contact us at (317) 759-5555. 

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