Celebrate Your School With Media Services

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At Media Services, we look forward to helping districts promote the best parts of their schools through intentional and engaging video content. We understand that each district is unique in how it serves its community, and we love highlighting the exceptional support each one brings to the table. 

The best part of our job is working with leaders and learning what makes their schools great. Creating district overviews via video is a great way to get the word out to community members, realtors, retirement communities, business owners, and more. These videos provide a solid return on investment by building support leading up to a referendum and/or attracting families to your district. With video—the options are limitless! 

Here are some examples of how we can highlight your district: 

Hamilton Heights Elementary School Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of Hamilton Heights Elementary School, produced by CIESC Media Services.

Mooresville—Thank You

A video capturing the effect of Mooresville Schools asking their community to share notes of encouragement with staff, produced by CIESC Media Services.

Plainfield: Social Emotional Learning

An inside look at how Plainfield Schools are building community through mental health support, produced by CIESC Media Services.

MSD of Decatur Hiring Custodians

A call-out video letting people in the community know that MSD of Decatur was in need of custodial staff, produced by CIESC Media Services.

What if the Replacement Referendum Fails?

A video made for Carmel Clay Schools bringing awareness to referendums, produced by CIESC Media Services.

Interested In Promoting Your District?

If you’re a district thinking about recreating any of the above videos, or you have a great idea of your own, here are the steps you can take to get started:

  1. Get In Touch: Fill out our quick form, and we’ll reach out about how we can help you present your project in the best way possible!
  2. Next Step Planning: With video, as with most projects, start with the end in mind. Who do you hope will watch your masterpiece, where will it be seen, and what outcome does your organization truly want? 
  3. View Our Portfolio: Take a moment to look through similar videos we have created for other school districts and organizations. Our portfolio has hundreds of videos that are sure to give you more ideas for your project!
  4. Newsletter Sign Up: No matter what your video interest may be, sign up for our newsletter to receive monthly updates, tutorials, and all-around great information directly to your inbox!
  5. Investment Prep: CIESC members receive FREE video production work each year! Non-members will be given a quote estimate for their project before starting. 

At CIESC Media Services, we’re happy to work with you and your budget. If you’re ready to begin collaborating with us to bring your district’s story to life, contact us today

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