The Benefits of Education Compliance Training


At Central Indiana Educational Service Center, we believe all educational institutions benefit from comprehensive compliance training. Educational institutions of all shapes and sizes are expected to follow mandatory compliance requirements and rules to maintain safety at all times. In today’s day and age—and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—ensuring compliance at an educational institution can be a real challenge. 

The ever-evolving federal, state, and local regulations educational institutions are faced with can be overwhelming, to say the least. That’s why pairing up with a reliable team can show you the first-hand benefits of knowing the ins and outs of education compliance. Don’t put yourself at risk of being non-compliant and face the possibility of a shutdown. Below, we’ll walk you through the importance of compliance training and how CIESC can help make it easy.

Compliance is Key

Compliance refers to the meeting of legal obligations, often to protect the health, safety, and welfare of others. In education, compliance is seen as a common and normal entity administrators must comply with. Educational institutions are expected to comply with regulations regarding child protection, safety, data privacy, and a wide range of other quality standards. In the wake of COVID-19, staying compliant is a make or break situation. The largest benefit of compliance is the fact that you’re safeguarding your employees, students, and their families from potential disasters. 

To keep up with compliance, educational institutes must be set up with the knowledge and support they need to stay ahead of the curve. Ensuring compliance standards are met is easy when you have a well-thought-out plan detailing the policies and procedures that must be complied with. It is also the duty of an educational institution to prove to regulatory bodies that data is replicated, stored in a secure database, and accessible over extended periods of time. CIESC offers the training educational institutions need to detect violations and protect themselves from potential fines and lawsuits. 

Keep Your Students Safe

The education industry is highly regulated—and for a good reason. Keeping your students and their information safe should be a top priority to every educational institution. If you want to comply with industry regulations to avoid financial, legal, or reputational ramifications, protecting those you teach is imperative. Having a plan will help you identify instances of risk so it’s clear how you can best keep yourself and your students safe. 

CIESC can help you remain compliant, assess and mitigate risks, and stay focused on what you do best—providing quality education! To ensure you’re effectively mitigating risks that could affect your students, it’s best to follow these important steps:

  • Training: As aforementioned, you’ll want to build a plan that caters to your school’s risk profile. Then, you’ll need to train your administration to carry out the appropriate practices.
  • Testing: While a plan is a great place to start, you’ll want to make sure it actually works! You can strengthen your compliance practices through proper testing.
  • Inspection: Take the time to improve your school’s compliance practices by examining what is working and what will require some necessary adjustments. 
  • Audit: Have your plan examined by professionals. You’ll be able to effectively de-escalate risks with confidence and ease after a pro examination process. 

Assessable Compliance Training 

Here at CIESC, we’re dedicated to helping education institutes understand the benefits and legalities surrounding compliance. To assist in making the process more readily available, our Compliance Training has taken the time to create a series of videos for educational and professional compliance training. Each video is available on-demand and can be viewed via desktop or mobile devices.

These videos grant you and your entire district/organization access to high-quality compliance training videos that are specially customized for classrooms. Did we mention they’re Indiana-specific? Don’t wait to unlock the benefits of education compliance training. Reach out to us today for more information.

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