How to Recruit School Staff Through Video

Recruit School Staff Through Video

As your school is busy preparing for the upcoming year, recruiting new hires can seem like a never-ending process. Finding the right fit can be challenging, but when it’s finished, rewarding to see the staff making an impact in the classroom. 

Are you looking for an effective method to delve into the hiring pool? A clean and clear recruitment video helps cut through the noise by reaching the ideal pool of candidates who understand expectations and know what you’re looking for. Before you hit record, check out these insights on how to attract the most qualified pool of applicants through a recruiting video

Watch MSD of Warren Township’s hiring and recruitment video.

Real Insights and Responsibilities

Recruiting videos visually convey tasks and roles that school staff are responsible for. Showcasing this in the video removes any misconceptions about what staff will be asked of throughout their workday. Recording current school staff working in the classroom and different aspects of the school connects your hiring pool to the community before they ever walk through the front doors. 

Check out this commercial for Mooresville Schools led by Superintendent Dr. Jake Allen.

Staff Testimonials

A great way to draw in a dedicated hiring pool is through staff testimonials. Recording quotes of staff explaining the job and its importance in students’ and staff’s lives captivates an audience with similar values. Filming testimonials helps to elicit feelings, making the job listing more memorable. Try using staff testimonials by prompting questions related to the job, why they do it, and the impact it has on their lives and others.

Check out this featured video of the housekeeping team at Danville Schools.

Highlight Important Job Aspects

As easy as it is to skim a lengthy job listing, recruiting videos help explicitly convey the most important messages you want to get across in your job search. Utilizing voiceovers is much more personable than words on a document. Recruiting videos can also highlight important text on the screen so the viewer is likely to remember it. Important details to appear written on the screen may be:

  • Wages
  • Hours
  • Benefits
  • Paid Time Off

Check out the hiring series we created for Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation.

Work With Media Services 

Recruit your staff with the help of a high-quality production team. CIESC Media Services can highlight your institution’s benefits and create role-specific videos to make the hiring process that much easier. We work with our clients to ensure they have the highest-quality videos to promote their district and recruit educational staff, but more importantly, we help you connect with the right person for your team. Learn how we can make your needs of today a reality for tomorrow.

Check out our FAQ series to learn how we can help you with your next production. To learn more about our services and studio, contact us at (317) 759-5555. 

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