Promote Your School’s Alumni Profiles with Video

Promote Your School’s Alumni Profiles with Video

Alumni Profiles provide insight into someone’s direct connection with your school or organization—and what better way to capture these stories than through video? With the help of CIESC Media Services, you can promote the success of the alumni who positively represent your organization. 

Building a library of alumni profiles at your school exposes students to several perspectives while expanding their connections to other graduates. Oftentimes, students are unsure of what to pursue after graduation, but sharing the success stories of alumni will reassure them that their potential is high—the sky is the limit! It’s important to note that the greater variety of alumni profiles you feature, the greater the chances that students will resonate with their stories. Video communicates ethos in a way that standard text cannot. When students see themselves in the stories of alumni, that connection will inspire them to take full advantage of everything your school has to offer.

Alumni profiles start with honest conversations. These candid conversations, particularly, draw out heartwarming stories that bring your school’s culture to life. With video, you can capture the essence of your organization and the community surrounding it. After all, education sets the foundation for the rest of a student’s life, so parents and students want to be reassured that the school will support them in their long-term goals—especially when the school has a lasting reputation.

Check out Speedway School’s Alumni profile on Dr. Richard Zeph.

Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level with Media Services

The bottom line? Video content elevates your message in ways that text alone falls short of. While compelling videos take time, teamwork, and planning to get off the ground—they’re definitely worth adding to your arsenal of marketing techniques.

Need help getting started? That’s why we’re here! At CIESC Media Services, we work with our clients to ensure they have the right tools to reach out to their audiences effectively. Check out our FAQ series to learn more about how we can help you with your next production! For additional insight, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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