5 Benefits of Live Event Coverage

someone taking video of live event

If you’ve held a workshop, graduation ceremony, or panel discussion before, you know just how much goes into making an event happen. Why not preserve all the work with live event coverage? Not only will you end up with a video that you can view time and time again, but you’ll be able to share your live event with just about anyone. Learn more about the benefits of live event coverage from Media Services.

1. Reach a Wider Audience 

Live event coverage is crucial to growing your audience. Some community members may want to attend your events in person, but don’t have the time or proximity to stop by. When you invest in professional live coverage, you can broadcast your events far and wide, reaching people you never could with an in-person-only session.

2. Take Advantage of Increased Engagement 

When you reach more people, you engage more people. Live streams are a great opportunity to promote participation in your event. Maybe you want to add a comment section to the finished video, or perhaps you want to add a feature where viewers can leave their questions for panelists. No matter what kind of event you have on your calendar, live event coverage can be the catalyst that gets the community talking.

3. Post Recordings to Your Website

Even once your event is over for the day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still relive the excitement. The Media Services team uses state-of-the-art cameras to capture content that you can then post to your website. Attendees can look back on the event weeks later, and people who couldn’t make it can still get in on the fun. As a side benefit, video content also increases engagement on your website!

4. Watch on Nearly Any Device 

Not only does live event coverage make your programming accessible to a wider audience, but it also makes your events viewable on nearly any device. Grandparents can watch their grandchild’s graduation ceremony from their laptops, and there’s also an option for your friend and family to watch from the comfort of their iPhones. That means people can view your live content, even if they’re out of town or even out and about during your event.

5. Produce Easy-to-Monetize Content

Live streaming is an excellent way to make a little extra revenue from your event. Do you plan on selling tickets at the door? Sell virtual tickets to your live event coverage as well! Viewers get all the benefits of attending in person, and you get more funds to pay overhead, buy materials, and get ready for your next occasion. You can also engage sponsors before or after the event.

Start Live Streaming Today with Media Services! 

Live event coverage is a fantastic way to bring your events to a new audience. Whether you’re streaming a graduation, panel, or something in between, Media Services is here to offer outstanding equipment and personnel. Get in touch with us today to explore even more benefits of live event coverage. 

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