Crisis Communications

Three professionals on school crisis communications
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Crisis Communications is a critical skill for all school districts. Below are three seperate presentations from the Indiana State Police and media professionals covering insider tips for handling a crisis. This free content is also availble on our YouTube Channel. These presentations were recorded at CIESC on September 20th, 2019.
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The 12 Golden Rules for School District Media Interviews

The new 12 Golden Rules from award-winning anchors Diane Willis, Clyde Lee, and former IndyStar reporter David Remondini. David has also served as the Chief Deputy Executive Director of the Indiana Supreme Court.

Indiana State Police Unarmed Response to Active Shooter

Recorded at CIESC on September 20th, 2019 for an unarmed response to an active shooter. Dr. Richard Hogue with the Indiana State Police covers school safeguards and proactive steps.

Crisis Communications from Indiana State Police

Sergeant John Perrine of the Indiana State Police covers crisis communications and dealing with the media on your turf. He also explains why it's so important to know who is telling your story.

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