How To Find a Reputable Video Production Company

video production team getting ready to record their client

Video is a key part of any nonprofit’s marketing and public relations strategy. While anyone can get out their iPhone and take decent quality videos, it takes a skilled team to get you optimal results. Here’s what to look for as you search for a reputable video production team.

Proven Track Record of High-Quality Results

A reputable video production company will have no problem pointing you to evidence of their past work. They might have YouTube links to browse, or they might send you a portfolio to look through. In some cases, it’s also a good idea to call up former clients. If the company is up to snuff, they should have no problem with you reaching out for a reference. You might also want to research how long the company has been in business and read a few online reviews. 

Specialized Knowledge and Experience

Most reputable video production companies specialize in a particular industry or two. At Media Services, we focus on school districts and nonprofit organizations. Other companies might have increased knowledge in finance, performing arts, or food and drink. In the same vein, it’s crucial to choose a team that will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project. If you only look at companies with specialized knowledge, you’re much more likely to find one that can handle every facet of your project.

Industry-Standard Equipment

When you meet with a video production team, be sure to look at their equipment. Good videography takes more than just a phone and Windows Movie Maker. A reputable company will likely be working with industry-standard cameras and editing software. 

Transparent Pricing and Affordability

Any company that doesn’t provide you with transparent pricing probably isn’t worth your time. Video production can quickly get expensive, and you deserve to know the costs upfront. Some companies charge extra for specific gear, scriptwriting, and teleprompter use. If a video production team isn’t willing to work within your budget, it’s probably in your best interest to look at companies with more reasonable, flexible rates. 

Always Use Your Intuition 

Above all else, go with your gut. If a particular company seems too good to be true or feels shady in any way, we encourage you to cross them off your list. Your intuition is there to guide you, and it rarely steers you wrong!

Choose Media Services for Your Video Production Needs

Media Services is a video production team dedicated to affordability, professionalism, and, of course, quality. We’re focused on serving nonprofits and community-based organizations, so we know money can be tight. We strive to offer fair pricing that provides equal opportunity to schools that might not normally have the funds for videography. 

No matter the project, our team is committed to creating a positive atmosphere on set, with a focus on both efficiency and the comfort of our staff and talent. So as you begin your search for a reputable video production team, don’t forget to consider Media Services. Contact us to learn more about our video production services.

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