Love What You Do, Drive A Bus

school bus

A rewarding opportunity awaits—make the turn toward an exciting new career! Professional school bus drivers are in great demand in central Indiana. As a school bus driver, you’ll get to ensure the safety of our community’s children and become an essential link between families and schools. Over 25 million students take a bus to and from school. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated students are 70 times more likely to arrive safely at school when they ride the bus instead of a car, as school buses are designed to protect students. 

Below are the top benefits of being a school bus driver:

  • Work directly with children
  • Match your school’s calendar
  • Professional CDL training
  • Flexible schedule with morning and afternoon routes

As a result of daily interactions, bus drivers and students can build unique relationships. You can make a positive impression on young students by joining your local public school. View available positions below.

Special thanks to our partners who made this video possible. Find openings at any of the following schools: 

Avon Community School Corporation

Beech Grove City Schools

Carmel Clay Schools 

Danville Community School Corporation

Greenwood Community School Corporation

Mill Creek Community School Corporation

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