Complementary Indiana Compliance Training Videos

CIESC has provided several of our Compliance Training videos for free to all Indiana school districts and educational organizations. We hope you enjoy complimentary access to these videos. Preview each training video below. Full-length videos and additional resources will be emailed directly to you. If you need access to additional videos to keep staff safe and compliant, purchase our entire library of Indiana-specific educational training videos for only $599/year.

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Free Training Videos

Human Trafficking Preview

Each school corporation and accredited nonpublic school shall require training pertaining to the identification and reporting of human trafficking. At least one hour of training is required every two school years. This video is provided for free by CIESC, Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH), Indiana Department of Child Services, Allies Inc., Saxifrage Counseling and Advocacy, and Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP).

Human Trafficking

Title IX 2020 Regulations for Educators Preview

This Title IX training is geared towards all employees at a K-12 school district. Topics include new Title IX regulations, actual knowledge, and definitions. This video is provided for free by CIESC and Church Church Hittle + Antrim.

Title IX 2020 Regulations for Educators

High-Voltage Safety Demonstration Preview

Electricity is all around us. That’s why our High-Voltage Safety training video for middle school students demonstrates the dangers of electricity. Topics include electrical safety devices, electrical demonstrations, and warnings. This video is provided for free by CIESC, Indiana Electric Cooperatives, and Kankakee Valley REMC.

High-Voltage Safety Demonstration