Why Should I Use Green Screen?

So green screen can be very useful when adding variety into a singular space, say, for example, you’re working in a studio and you need that place to represent multiple areas of your business. Say, for example, you’re doing something athletic and you’d like a sports stadium behind you or maybe you’re teaching an online course and you’d like a classroom behind you. But you can also do other things like simply adding white and now we’re in a clean background with no distractions. Or maybe you’d just like to fly up your logo behind you while you’re doing a presentation online. But it can also be very useful if you’re doing something like a web presentation, you see this allows you to be onscreen while say web content flies by you and you don’t have that distracting box around you while you’re doing it. But either way, green screen can add a lot of flare and a lot of variety, whether it’s an athletic, an academic or something fun, like an idiot in a T-Rex running around behind you, green screen can do it for you.