What Voiceover Options Do You Offer?

Choosing a voice for your video is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. It determines the pace of the edit. It imparts the competency of the topic to the viewer and it establishes an emotional connection with the viewers. And if all that sounds big and important, well it is. You see people are social creatures and as such we bond with those around us. When it comes to a video, the narrator presenting that information plays a huge role both functionally for the edit of the video and also subconsciously for the audience. It’s the voice that those people hear over everything else that they’re watching. So it’s important that you get the right voice for your video. At CIESC, we offer a host of options to ensure your video does have the right voice. In our studio, we offer a full audio suite and allows our clients to come in and record a personalized voiceover. This can help establish a connection with local audiences as it could be a familiar voice from the community. But if you’re interested in branching out, we have a variety of talented voice actors for you to choose from. And I do mean variety, as they vary from male to female, old to young, by race, accent, pacing, languages and more. So when you’re ready to find the right voice for your project, or if you just have questions on how to find one, you can always reach out to us at video@CIESC.org