What if I Need to Make a Revision?

Let’s face it. When you’re working with video production, it’s probably not going to be perfect the first time. Many of our projects are vetted by several people and that means that there are more chances for something that was done one way to be tried another way. This is why we plan for time after the edit is complete to make revisions. We typically find ourselves making a single pass after we send out a video for review. These changes are usually pretty minor such as replacing an image or B-roll shot. However, sometimes after seeing how a section turned out, the client may want to revisit the idea by trying something new. Most of the time this isn’t too hard but not all revisions are created equal. For example, changing the voice over may require us to reach out to the talent in order to have new lines recorded or scheduling time for a crew to return to locations to film something that wasn’t shot in the first place. These are certainly doable but they are more complicated than those minor changes. Thankfully, we have a tried and true workflow that allows even groups of people to add their thoughts to a video that we’ve produced. Using Vimeo, we’ll send a link to our clients for review. You can play the video and if you notice something that you’d like to change, you can click on the video and it will pause the playback which allows you to type a note. Keep in mind that where you click is important as the note will show where you clicked. This means that you can point out something very specific. All notes will be added to the side allowing both the clients and the editor to review each one. As an editor, I can say that this format is incredibly helpful at making the process easier and faster. But to be mindful of your time and budget, please reach out to us and let us know when all revisions are in. That way we’re not making changes as more are coming in. If you have any more questions about our post-production process, you can always reach out to us at video@ciesc.org.