What Factors into the Cost of a Video?

There’s a lot that can factor into the total cost of video production. I’m going to walk you through pre-production, production, and post. It can take time to understand your audience, their needs, and your messaging, but it’s really critical to understand those key components and get that right, because that’s gonna affect what type of video you might need. Production days could span several days and even weeks, if you need it, if you need multiple locations that can also kind of increase the total cost. One thing you could do is kind of look at who you wanna have on camera and see if their schedule’s aligned to be a single production day if at all possible. When it comes to editing, there’s also a lot of time into graphics, voiceover, animations, just finding that right feel. We wanna be mindful of your budget, so if you’re concerned about how much money you have, or don’t have, don’t worry, you can reach out to us at video@ciesc.org, and we can always put together a plan for the budget that you have.