What are the Benefits of Filming in a Studio?

So what are the benefits of filming in a studio? Well the first one and most easy to recognize is time. You see, when we film on location we have to spend time finding the right space for your video, and then setting up the equipment in that space. And all of that time is spent prepping and not filming. But when you film in a studio space all of the gear will be ready to go, and the space will be set up for your video before you even arrive. So all of the time that you spend here will be spent filming. The second point that we’re going to bring up is consistency. You see, the nice thing about a studio space is that we control who comes and who goes, and what happens with the gear. So between days nothing is gonna change unless it’s needed to for the purpose of your video. So if you have a multi-day shoot, a studio might be your better option. The next point is control. You see, there are certain things that we can’t actually take care of on set sometimes. It could be things like the lighting, it could be things like air conditioners, just noise and distractions, things that we have no control over. But in the studio everything is under our control from lights, to audio, to air conditioning. We can take care of all of that so you don’t have to worry about it. The last point is gonna be set ups. You see, a studio can be whatever you need it to be, we could use a black backdrop, we could use a white site, we could use a color background, or even a green screen to really jazz up your videos. Nice thing about studios is that they can be anything that you need them to be. But if you’d like to learn more about the studio space we have at CIESC, you can check out our website to learn more.