How Do I Choose the Best Interview Location?

So when choosing an interview location, there’s a couple of things that you want to consider. And the first of which is finding a relevant location to the topic of your video. So if you’re doing something that’s athletic in nature, you might want to find something like a sports center within your school. But if you’re doing something more academic, you could try something like a library or an unused classroom. The second thing that you’ll want to consider is space. Filming requires a decent amount of space. We’ve got lights to put up, microphones, cameras, maybe even a backdrop. A lot of things have to go into sometimes a very small amount of space. So the larger space that you can provide, the better your video will end up looking because we can put our gear where it needs to be, to be its best and most effective. So the next point we’re gonna talk about is audio. You see, we want to find a place that’s nice and quiet, someplace where we can try to control the sound as best as possible so that we can limit the sounds like people walking by or noises or even the air conditioner, if that’s possible. So these things will help make your video less distracting and so people can focus on what’s being said. The last part we’re gonna talk about is lighting. You see, when you’re choosing a location, one of the things that you want to think about is whether or not there are any windows. You see, windows means sunlight and sunlight is something that we can’t really control. Now, we can work around it and we can make the video look as good as possible. However, you can also choose places that don’t have windows if you really want to control the lighting as best as possible. Either way, we can make it work out if you do have any questions about how to choose a location for your interview, you can reach out to us at