How Do I Choose a Video’s Emotional Feel?

There are several factors in choosing the emotional feel for your video. This is an important choice as it dictates more than just one or two facets of the project but nearly the entire process as a whole, and how is that you might ask? Well, let’s break this down. Let’s say you want something very upbeat with a lot of energy, say something like a football event promotional piece. Well, in this case, you want graphics that will be fast paced. You want to use a lot of B-roll, so that you can cut quickly, and the voiceover will need to be energetic and fast. Now let’s say that you’re doing a video for a long time teacher or employee who is retiring, and you’d like to commemorate their years of service. Well, in this case, you might choose to do something a little softer and slower, with heartfelt sincerity at the core of the message. This video might require lots of old photos to be gathered, slow motion footage of them interacting with their students, several interviews with co-workers, and uplifting and inspirational music tracks, and so on. Well, these two are by no means a comprehensive list. You can see how the topic of a video will be a great starting point at how to choose the tone most suited for your video, but that’s not to say it’s a simple process. While making these decisions isn’t always easy, that’s why CIESC is here to help. We like to say that we are here from start to finish, and people can sometimes forget that a project starts long before cameras roll. If you need help with, or just want the opinion or assistance in forming the creative message and feel of your next video, you can reach out to us at