Can You Edit Footage I Have Shot?

We occasionally have clients come to us with footage they have either shot themselves or have had filmed by an outside company. And while it isn’t exactly common, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use it. In short, the answer is yes, absolutely. However, when editing together footage, it is incredibly advantageous to work with footage that you were present for during the filming process. You see, when an editor is on set during a film day, they can work with the camera man to ensure that they get the shots, the story, or that specific video might need. Likewise, it gives you knowledge of footage before you begin the post-production process. This knowledge might be as simple as knowing that there were several takes for a specific shot or that the second to last one might be the best one, or maybe it’s knowing something specific, such as an individual in the frame that may need to be blurred out for legal reasons. Well, it’s not impossible to learn this information after the fact, it does take time to review that footage or the notes of that footage that you’re not familiar with. This means that the editor is spending time working through studying the video rather than editing it. So in the end, if you have footage that you’re looking for a studio to put together into a polished video, we can absolutely be of service, but we always recommend that if you need something edited, you always try to hire a crew that can help both film and edit. It saves you time ensures consistency of quality and honestly, it just makes for a smoother process, when you work with a company from the start of a project through to completion. Fortunately CISC offers a full production process from conception and planning through to the final delivery of the project. If you are interested in having us work on footage, you already have, or interested in having us film more, you can always reach out to us at